How the iPhone acts like an Invasive Species


The iPhone changed the world since it’s release in 2007. It showed a demand for smartphones that changed the cell phone industry. When invasive species come into a new environment they change ecosystems similarly. In ecology, a species that changes their environment… Continue Reading


Defining Value: What to give to a million people to become a millionaire

It seems now it is common knowledge for people pursuing a life as an entrepreneur that if you want to be rich you have to help others. I have heard it that if you want to be a millionaire you… Continue Reading


Zika to Genophage

Genophage comes from Mass Effect. It’s a sci-fi video game about human and alien cooperation and conflict. One species of alien, krogan (aggressive turtle aliens) are infected with the genophage. A disease that reduces the viability of pregnancies. The disease was created… Continue Reading