2017 Output Summary

2017 was a year full of adventure. Every year I look back and see what I accomplished. There is what I did each month.


Last Day with Dyson

25th flew to San Fransisco

Mutualism Issue #1 an art magazine on Simbi is Published


1st Fly to Chiang Mai Thailand with no plan to return to the United States.

Attend Digital Nomad Summit. I learn things and meet lots of friends.

28th I flew to Bali Indonesia.


21st I flew to Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam

24th I take a bus to Dalat Vietnam and spend most of my time in Vietnam there.


April 17th I flew to Taipei, Taiwan

April 21st I flew to Hong Kong

April 23rd I went to Shenzhen, China


May 1st I flew to Hanoi, Vietnam

She Persisted is Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad

May 6th Mutualism Issue #2 is Published on Simbi

May 17th I flew to Thailand spending time in Bangkok and Krabi



June 15th I flew to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


July 12th I flew to Bangalore, India


Anura digital water meters available on Amazon

August 12th I flew from India to Paris, France


Published two short stories: The Last of the Unanswered Questions, and Another’s Sacrifice.


Living in France


November 6th I flew to Scotland

Flew to New York City then traveled to Central Pennsylvania.


Posted my 10th article about plant diseases.



I started 2017 in Eugene Oregon and after traveling the world came back to my hometown in Central Pennsylvania. I traveled for over 6 months in Asia and then 3 months in France. I created an iPhone game, two issues of an art magazine, a line of pH meters, two eBooks, and ideas to cure 10 plant disease. I am looking forward to what 2018 brings.

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