2018 Output Summary

Every year I publish what I have done and created the year before. I normally do this every January, but I was a little delayed, so I am writing this in 2020. You can read what I did in 2016 and 2017. Here is what I did in 2018.



Living in Central Pennsylvania. Working on Anura, WordPress freelancing, driving with Lyft.

Creating answering questions on reddit about entrepreneurship and posting the answers on Youtube.

I was on the Books and Booze podcast talking with my friend John about my favorite book and short stories I wrote.


12th Launch of the audiobook of The Last of the Unanswered Questions: Insufficient Data for a Meaningful Answer.

27th I flew to Orlando Florida for Pittcon, one of the world’s largest conferences on scientific measuring equipment while working on Anura.

I was thinking about economic complexity (cool map and graphs).


3rd My Werewolf is Gay: Desire a Full Moon is published (Later unpublished).

20th Gay Elf’s Desire: Magic to Heal is published (Later unpublished).


Road trip to Rochester NY.

20th Flew to Quito Ecuador.

I made a video on the history of plant pathology.


24th My parents visit me in Quito Ecuador.

I made a video on the ecology of Bigfoot.

Issue #2 of Mutualism Magazine is published.


17th Hiked up Cotopaxi Volcano.

25h Tool of Truth is published

I made a video of some of the places I went to in Ecuador, a video about the economics of Jurassic Park, and an unusual idea of to cure HIV.


3rd Fly back to Central Pennsylvania from Quito Ecuador.

Video on the currency of Ecuador and word origin of Dexterous.


4th Started working at Penn State University as a Research Technologist 1 (Project Integrator).


17th Flew to Houston Texas for a few days.

24th I attended a discussion on mindfulness lead by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.


18th 21 Cheap Cities to Visit for Under $40 a day: International Travel Guide is published.

22nd Flew to San Diego then drove to San Luis Mexico with my parents.

2018 Summary

I lived in Ecuador for almost 3 months. Made videos on Youtube on different topics. Start an interesting job at PSU on tomatoes, whiteflies, and drought tolerance.