2019 Output Summary

Every year I publish what I have done and created the year before.
You can read what I did in 2016, 2017, and 2018 Here is what I did in 2019.


Continued to work at Penn State on the tomato research project using whiteflies to induce drought tolerance.

I was on Ferguson Townships’s Steering Committee for the Suburban Park Master Plan Update. It was a committee of residences that made suggestions on future improvements to the park. It was fun and I’m glad I was able to help the township. The total process took about 8 months (October 2018 – June 2019). The final product was a park master plan made by landscape architects and approved by the township supervisors.



5th I spoke at University of Windsor EPIC Centre about my experience selling items on Amazon.

25th How To Travel Jet Lag-Free: Travel Anywhere Without Being Hungry or Sleepy

25th Expert Thailand Travel Guide: For Tourists, Backpackers, and Digital Nomads

Finished course Python for Data Science: Fundamentals on Dataquest.


11th The Meme Generator: Gorilla Meme is created. The EU was considering rules that would limit memes being shared online. I created Gorilla Meme to all people to make copyright zero memes. People can make memes and do whatever they want with them without the fear of them being taken down because of copyright.

21st-25th I went to Houston Texas to spend time with family.

Finished the course The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python on Udemy


Finished the course Python for Data Science: Intermediate on Dataquest.


Finished the course Oracle SQL – Step by Step SQL on Udemy.



25th – 31st Went to San Diego for Cousin’s Wedding and then to Mexico.


21st Last day at Penn State.

22nd Started Driving to Arkansas to see family.

Moved to Tallahassee Florida.


3rd First day working at Bartlett Tree Experts Full-Time.


Finished the course Agile Business Analysis on Udemy.

Started working at a CBD shop part-time.


3rd-9th I worked in Naples Florida for Bartlett on fertilizing all the Cuban Laurels in the city.


20th-25th Went to Las Vegas to vacation with my parents for the holidays.

2019 Summary

2019 was a year of changes. Changes to my location and job.