Artificial Intelligence portfolio (AI)

Before the release of OpenAI’s DALL-E AI model I have been following and learning about cutting-edge AI. Here is a list of ways I have been involved with Artificial Intelligence and my AI projects. in Google’s C4 dataset

This blog was used in the training data used in many AI models. This website was scrapped and then feed into AI systems to train models. I hope AI models learned something about plant diseases.

Training Stable Diffusion HyperNetworks

November 2022 I used Stable Diffusion, generative AI to create images. I then trained hypernetworks to create consistent images, characters, art styles, and people.

Elliott Killian, the top contributor to Open Assistant AI

The week of May 15th 2023 I was the top contributor to the Open Assistant AI Project. I provided questions, rated questions, rated answers and provided answers. This taught me a lot of the importance of providing quality data to train AI models.



AI Agents with ChatDev and AutoGen

October 2023 I explored ChatDev and Autogen and produced basic video games using Python and Kivy library. Found these AI multi-agent systems were good at producing simple software, however it was difficult to edit newly created projects and existing projects.

AutoGen 2

January 2024, using AutoGen2 and AutoGen Studio I created mutli-agent systems to simulate global political decisions.