My Meaning to Life: My Values

I will present my values and my meaning of life.


What is biological life?

There are many definitions of life. What I was taught in school was that it had to follow 6 functions or properties: be enclosed, produce waste, produce energy, respond to environment, produce energy, able to pass traits.

After time I realized that this is a description of life, not the purpose. I realized only one of them, reproduction is needed to continue to exist.

With this definition comes the crisis of meaning. Are humans only function to reproduce?

This invalidates the meaning and purpose of other functions of the body or limits them to only fulfilling reproduction.

So let’s keep looking.

Another perspective of life is it uses gradients to reproduce.

Our understanding of the universe was it was created and it is slowly becoming less and less organized. From here we can make a choice. Either the existence of the universe is wanted and we should make it last as long as possible, or existence of the universe is unwanted and we should actively take steps to destroy it.

I believe this is “good” and “evil”.


Good and Evil

Good desires to maintain and grow the existence of the universe.

Evil desires to destroy the universe.

The labels here of “good” and “evil” are subjective. How do we members of part of the universe know which is correct for higher levels.

Both good and evil, however are the same. They both want something and by wanting it walk away with an experience.

With the assumption that there is a purpose to the universe and the purpose persists, then I should work to maintain and grow the existence of the universe through life.


My meaning of life

As of 2021. I view my mission in life and my meaning to life to do and be part of the following:

  1. Increase the longevity of life in the Universe.
  2. Increase life on Earth, as it is the form of life that is the most known to me.
  3. Increase adaptive capacity of life on Earth.
  4. Foster and educate humans to increase the adaptive capacity of life on Earth.
  5. Decrease damage done to life by humans (greed and ignorance) through non violent means (education).