Reduced Mental Loop

The human mind is based on mental loops. Because we remember we can escape loops and do more important tasks. However, sometimes memory fails and we are stuck in mental loops what the people around do?


A Past Fear

When I was in High School I had a few things I was scared of: Zombies and Dementia.

Why dementia? I saw my grandmother forget me, then her children, then her husband. She was angry, scared, and confused. She wanted to do things that were outside her ability, and couldn’t understand why. There was little anyone could do to comfort her. We could only distract her.

I was so scared that this would one day happen to me. That I would forget everyone that I loved, forget who I was, and leave this world scared, angry, and confused.


What to do?

What my grandmother experienced is not the experience of everyone who forgets. Some people are calm. This makes me wonder what is the difference. Some people who wake up from comas experience the reverse. Having short loops that eventually get longer and longer, until they can function in society. Here are some of the differences between happy and sad loops:

  1. The subject knows they are ok. They are not in danger and the environment around them is calm.
  2. Framilar things are around them. The subject is in a framilar environment (“home”).
  3. Keeping the same routine they had before. A change of routine can be confusing.
  4. The subject has activities that are engaging to their cognitive ability. Activities that require no reference.