Intention: The Secret Behind Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans written by Tim Ferriss is a compilation of habits, tactics, and techniques of over 200 world class performers. In the book, Ferriss find three things that the majority of these super successful people do. What are they and why are they important? They are meditation, quality sleep, and journaling. Sounds simple, what makes these three things powerful? Intention.


Meditation is used to focus on what is important in our life by being present. The act of meditation may cause our brain to restructure. Mindfulness practices like meditation have been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and reduce stress. Meditation allows us to not be distracted by negative emotion and focus on what we need to do.

Quality Sleep

We are limited on the number of decisions we can make in a day. Successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama reduce the number of choices they need to make on things that do not matter to them such as what they wear to focus on decisions that do matter to them. The quality of sleep probably also effects how many decisions we make. I think of it that our quality of sleep determine the limit of decisions, just like we hit a data limit on our phones. Better sleep means a bigger data limit. Get better sleep to make more critical decisions.


We can be making decisions, but what happens if we make the wrong decision? That is where journaling comes in. The act of journaling forces us to examine the choice we have made and improves them in the future. A process such as the 5-Minute journal highlights this with their questions, one of them: “How could you have made today better?”. This focuses journaling on constant self-improvement by improving our decisions.


What makes the advice in Tools of Titans powerful? It is the intent of how we live our life. Meditation focuses our mind on what is important. Quality sleep allows us to make critical decisions. Journaling makes us reflect on our decisions to make future ones in the future. So, when are you going to start doing these three things?


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