Simbi a New Way to Trade Skills and Barter

A few months ago I thought what if I could trade my time and skills with someone else? There were projects I wanted to work on, but I didn’t have the expertise in some areas such as editing, and I needed help. And starting the project I didn’t want to put a ton of money hiring someone else. I figured if I had this idea then someone else must have thought of it. I searched for time bartering, work exchange, and skill trading. I couldn’t find anything. I asked Reddit the question. They suggested Simbi.

Within a month of being on Simbi I was completing a deal every other day. Simbi is a platform where you can offer services or homemade goods in exchange for someone else’s services, homemade goods, or Simbi’s currency.

What I like about Simbi is that it is a community. People working together to help each other. The people on the platform come from all over the world and have different backgrounds, however we all believe in trading our services to help each other. There are some unusual services. Some include: facts about chickens, distance raki healing, advice for building a tiny house, and application architecture consulting.

All the services and products on Simbi represent the interesting people who make up Simbi. By working with others I have gotten to know some of these people. It is getting to know who you are working with that makes the transaction such as trading a human experience. Buying a soda from a vending machine does not have emotion. You know nothing about who stocks the machine, who drives the soda to the machine, or the people who bottled the soda. Simbi you know the person who knitted your hat or the person who helped proofread your blog post.

You can be part of this community. Need help? Or have a service you want to provide you’re welcome to join the Simbi platform. You will find many diverse services, and more importantly you will connect with the people who provide them.

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