List of Companies Owned by Superheroes

Previously I made a list of companies owned by Supervillains. To show that business can also do good I created a list of companies owned by Superheroes. Here is the list. I referenced IGN’s list of the top 100 Superheroes to help make the list. Links in the article are to the respective Wikipedia pages.

  1. Wayne Enterprises owned by Bruce Wayne aka Batman. The question is: “what doesn’t Wayne Enterprises do?” It is in almost every major industry and keeps up with the times by focusing on new areas for research. Forbes listed largest fictional companies by projected revenue (Forbes article). According to the article, Wayne Enterprises has a revenue of $31.3 billion. (DC Universe)
  2. Stark Industries owned by Anthony “Tony” Stark aka Iron Man. The company creates advanced weaponry. Forbes puts the revenue of Stark Industries at $20.3 billion. (Marvel Universe)
  3. Queen Industries owned by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Originally selling weapons and ammunition, hmm is there a theme here? The company then switches and focuses on computer products while hiding Oliver Queen’s midnight hobbies. As Q-Core it produced products such as the Q-pad and Q-phone. I wonder if they made the batphone? (DC Universe)
  4. Kord Enterprises owned by Theodore “Ted” Kord aka Blue Beetle. The company later sold and becomes a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. (DC Universe)
  5. Palmer Technologies owned by Ray Palmer aka The Atom. The company makes wearables. Felicity Smoak had been the CEO and also a shareholder with Oliver Queen. (DC Universe)
  6. Pym Technologies owned by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man. The company focuses on nanotechnology. (Marvel Universe)
  7. Luke’s Bar owned by Luke Cage. Also a favorite spot of Jessica Jones. (Marvel Universe)

Honorable mentions:

AmerTek connected to John Henry Irons aka Steel. Mr. Irons worked for AmerTek as an engineer and builds a weapon which is later sold to bad people. He quits his job to fight crime. AmerTek manufactures ammunition, vehicles, and in the gas industry.

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Superhero Company Summary:

  1. Wayne Enterprises owned by Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

  2. Stark Industries owned by Anthony “Tony” Stark aka Iron Man.

  3. Queen Industries owned by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

  4. Kord Enterprises owned by Theodore “Ted” Kord aka Blue Beetle.

  5. Palmer Technologies owned by Ray Palmer aka The Atom.

  6. Pym Technologies owned by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man.

  7. Luke’s Bar owned by Luke Cage.