What’s in Your Bag

My friend the Cocoa Nomad wrote an article about both the tangible and intangible things he packed with him while traveling. While traveling for a year he slowly let go of things and his metaphorical bag became lighter. This has made me wonder what is in my bag? What are the things that I holding on to?

Two bags

I travel with two bags. On backpack and a suitcase. The backpack has my computer, journal, snacks, and cell phone. My suitcase has my two weeks worth of clothes, a suit, microphone, camera, and tripod. I also carry:

Running Shoes

In my bag, I carry tennis shoes that are great for running. Running to catch the train, to get to the post office in time and to run away from my problems. Recently I have realized that I have run away from a lot of my problems in life. Not doing well in Physics? Drop it. Can’t major in Biology? Switch to Horticulture. My accomplishments in life have come from me not able to get out of something or happy to be doing it. Either not able to run away or content walking.

Microphone and Camera

I have a fear that I will be no one and accomplish nothing. Specifically that I will be a dishwasher for the rest of my life. There is a reason why I work to make things: websites, videos, apps, products, and books. These are all made so that I have accomplished something. A creation of mine will exist in the world by itself, possibly longer than my existence. This helps for a time to put this fear away.

What’s in your bag?

Now I know what is in my bag I can know what to pack and what not to pack next time. What is in your bag? What are you holding on to? I will end this post with a quote:

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. – Lao Tzu


Bags for traveling. What is in your bag?