When I was 19 years old I ran for a position in local government, township supervisor. My hometown, Ferguson township is located near Penn State in central Pennsylvania. After I won both party’s nomination in the primary it was discovered that my town required a supervisor to be at least 21 years old. I asked the supervisors to put a question on the ballot to remove the age. They did and I began to campaign for the referendum on the ballot. The referendum passed by 200 votes.


The next four years I was a township supervisor while attending University. During this time, I served over 17,000 residents of the township. Approved a $16 million budget. Made regional policy decisions on the recycling program, public sewage, and code enforcement. I helped implement a new Tree Commission for the Township. I worked with other elected officials to solve problems and improve our community, even when we disagreed. I wanted to be a supervisor for two reasons: I wanted to help my community and I wanted to learn.

I also served on:

  • Ferguson Township’s Police Pension Board
  • Spring Creek Watershed Commission
  • Regional Public Service and Environment Committee
  • Centre County Election Board.

What’s next? Well, believe it or not, I didn’t study political science in college. I studied Horticulture, Plant Science. I want to use my passion for plants and science to solve problems. This website is to show projects I am working on and random thoughts I have.