2016 Output Summery


I want to start comparing what I did each year. So to start here is 2016.


Started graduate level biotechnology classes as a non-degree student at Penn State. I plan to apply to the Masters in Biotechnology program after taking a semester of the curriculum.

I am helping Dr. Mark Gagnon with a paper on a entrepreneur framework. What are the major factors to a firms success and how do entrepreneurs make it successful?


I am attending elective biology and plant science lectures.


I am regularly attending graduate lectures on Economics.


Lots of small events.


I start working as Front Desk Agent at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center

I am politely asked not to return for the next semester of classes in Biotechnology

Grades from my classes:

Issues in Biotech, 2 credit course: A

Ethics in Life Science, 1 credit course: A

Methods in Biofermentation, 3 credit course: A

Molecular Biology Lab, 3 credit course: D


Working on this blog and creating Youtube videos.


Selected for Jury Duty


22nd I flew to San Fransisco

28th I move to Eugene Oregon


I start working as Product Expert, a sales position at Dyson.

My Vietnamese class at University of Oregon starts.

I start working at Joann Fabric.


Working and studying


Quit my job at Joann Fabric

I start volunteer tutoring ESL at Lane Community College.

I start helping Austin with Craft Crickets


Discover Simbi and help others on the platform

My Vietnamese class ends.


2016 Summary

I did a lot of different things. This year was a lot about finding what I liked and didn’t like. Who I was and who I want to become. My parents assure me that we all find our way. In order to find your way you need to try lots of different paths.


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